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Our 8 week course is a journey of exploration into your own creative powers. This course encourages you to explore your passion, develop and learn new skills and meet like-minded art lovers, while creating a stunning portfolio of work.

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During Level One you will start with the basics and focus on developing your artistic style and skill to build a foundation of painting techniques and principles. Your journey will be guided, though you are free to express yourself in every piece you create. We believe in the freedom of expression and there is no better way to learn than by exploring.

While during Level Two, students who have developed a solid foundation during the Level 1 course are able to further explore their creativity, broaden their artistic knowledge and become a more confident artist.

The courses each consists of seven weeks of teaching and painting, followed by an exhibition in the final week. You will be taught the principals of colour, perspective, composition and we will experiment with a few different painting styles to help you find the one that fits you best.

In every art class over the seven weeks you will delve into another layer of creativity and by the end, you will have a masterpiece to display at your very own art exhibition which will be open to your family and friends.



2,890 AED (price includes 5% VAT)

This includes 24 hours of classes (with all equipment provided), your own portfolio book to keep your paintings in, an exhibition night during the 8th week, together with your completion certificate AND food and beverages during the classes. 

Course Options

Below you'll find a little more info on our two different course levels.

Level 1

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In this introductory course, you will build confidence in your talent and learn that there is no right or wrong at We Love Art. Every “mistaken” brush stroke can easily be fixed or, better yet, become part of a stunning masterpiece.

Surrounded by a motivated and like-minded group, while painting to music in a relaxing home studio environment, these weeks will be an experience that leaves you with great memories and strong friendships.

Course Outline

Week One: Introduction to Color

Week Two:  Landscape – One Point Perspective

Week Three: Portrait

Week Four: Still Life

Week Five: Collage

Week Six and Seven: Own Masterpiece

Week Seven (Sunday): Catch Up Night

Week Eight: Exhibition Night


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Painting classes at this level are more dynamic, and includes a sunrise painting on the beach as well as a live model painting class. You will focus on the deeper concerns of an artist by expressing feelings through your painting.

Completion of the Level 2 course will equip you with the tools, techniques and confidence to make painting a lifelong passion.


Course Outline

Week One: Landscape – Two Point Perspective

Week Two: Landscape – Sunrise Beach Painting

Week Three: Self Portrait

Week Four: Live Model Painting

Week Five: Pop Art

Week Six and Seven: Own Masterpiece

Week Seven (Sunday): Catch Up Night

Week Eight: Exhibition Night


We can't wait for you to join us! To sign up, all you need to do is pick the next course date that suits you and book your slot. ❤ 


Meet some of our wonderful painting course graduates, our very own artists of Dubai, and browse their art and let them inspire you.









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