Our Graduates

Read below a few inspirational stories from some of our graduate artists.



Inspired by the quote: “The best or nothing” this artist finds beauty in life; inspired by people and events her work learns towards realism. Influenced by the creative and extraordinary mind of Salvador Dali Anastasia believes that being an artist is about expressing a personal point of view and taking from the things that are important to her to inspire her brush strokes.

This thought provoking artist can be found strolling through Art Dubai every year and occasionally scouring the galleries of the city for inspiration.

Anastasia artwork



Angelica is an artist who believes that art is about more than beautiful pictures, it is about telling a story that has a lasting effect on the viewer. Her abstract expressionist style is inspired by artists such as Edvard Munch, the master behind The Scream.

You’ll often find this contemporary artist strolling the streets of Alserkaal Avenue, seeking inspiration in the sanctuary of the galleries.

angelica artwork



Inspired by great masters of art including Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, Joharah’s passion for creative expression knows no bounds. Her forays into the world of expressionism that is the truest form of liberation.

Her work is deep and filled with meaning, inspired by her surroundings there is something magical about her canvases and you’ll often find her in The Jam Jar letting loose with the paint.




With an eye for the beautiful Vineesha sees art as the truest form of expression – where words fail there is always art. Inspired by the breathtaking works of Bobbie Burgers, Vineesha’s own style displays a freedom of creativity.

Often found exploring the galleries of Alserkaal Avenue she is a passionate art love, inspired by nature.