Corporate Events

Whether you’re looking for a great way to destress, encourage teamwork or engage with clients, our corporate events are a bespoke journey into the creative that promotes a happy and expressive team.


What to Expect

Discover the creativity of your team, offer clients an exciting way to network or explore a new way to de-stress, our private events are the perfect outlet for creatives of all skill level – be it the first time they’ve picked up a brush or just another day of illustrating a canvas.

We offer our clients a number of options for private events including:

  • Paint & Grape style masterpiece recreation
  • Mural creation
  • Free painting

All of these are entirely bespoke, from what you aim to create to where you wish to hold the event; we can provide you with one of our stunning and inspiring venues or we can set up in a place of your choosing. Our events are inclusive of all the required equipment and guided instruction for all of your attendees.


Our Masterpieces

Here are some of the pieces you can look forward to recreating with us, or you can request for one of your own.



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