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In our video gallery, you can check some of the fun activities that the We Love Art Community participates in throughout the year. Sit back, relax, enjoy the jazzy music and friendly smiles, while we take you on a ride into our world!

Great Gatsby Paint and Grape Night

The Middle East’s first 20’s themed Paint and Grape event! It was like Gatsby’s party, with people letting their creativity run wild, sipping red and white and listening to jazzy music as the moon glistened in the sky.

Valentine's Paint and Grape Night

We Love Art hosted a paint and grape night celebrating the magic of Valentine’s day with gentle brushstrokes and bright colors.

We Love Art at Beach Canteen

The We Love Art community met under the sun at Beach Canteen with the music of the waves filling the air. We made new friends, laughed, and painted together.

Exhibition Night

At the end of every 7-week course at We Love Art, participants get to feature their own artworks in an exhibition night, where they can have a fun, relaxing night, sharing their story and inspirations.

Paint and Grape Nights

Surrounded by new and old friends, with jazzy French music as a backdrop, a brush in your right hand and a beverage in your left, this evening has all the ingredients to make you feel at ease and unlock your creativity.

7-Week Course

Students work towards making their own masterpiece, which will be proudly shown to friends & family at the We Love Art Exhibition Night!

Our Community

Like brush strokes on a canvas coming together to create piece of art, We Love Art brings a variety of art lovers together to craft a friendly and artistic community.