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Many believe that a first impression is the last impression. This notion is challenged when looking at the Girl with a Pearl Earring. When you glance at her you delve almost involuntarily to look deeper. Enticed by her shiny pearl earring, your mind begins to question. Why is she glancing back at you? It seems like she’s about to tell us something with her lips partially open. But all we have is her silence, adding to her mysterious charm. She’s alluded crowds including the Duchess of Cambridge, who met her at Mauritshuis museum in The Hague. So, you’re not alone in journeying the story behind this girl.

Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French painter, noted for his innovative creation of the painting techniques known as Chromoluminarism and Pointillism in 1886, during the Impressionist period in art. Pointillism is a painting technique that employs small colored dots instead of brushstrokes to form an