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Lads, It’s Time To Pick Up a Brush

During out Paint & Grape nights I get to meet a lot of wonderful artists, and while there are often a handful of creative men who join in, the guests are mostly women. Whatever the reason may be guys seem to be shyer about getting in touch with their inner artist, we know that Paint & Grape is the perfect evening for everyone and offers some serious benefits to men in particular.

1. The Ladies

The girl-to-guy ratio works in your favour, if you’re single and looking to mingle this is the perfect opportunity! When people come to our workshops, they are at ease, relaxed and having a good time, plus complimenting someone’s painting is the perfect way to break the ice.

2. It’s good for your health

The benefits of painting are more than what comes out on the canvas. Like most creative pursuits, painting seriously reduces stress and improves your mental heal. These benefits can actually help your brain figure out solutions to problems at work or home, and boost overall productivity and positivity in your life.

3. It’s a great way to connect with people. 

Something about a room full of creatives, an encouraging instructor, a jazzy French backdrop and a glass of wine brings out conversations and connections that just don’t happen anywhere else. Taking a date to a Paint & Grape night is an awesome way to get to know another side of them, whether they are a good friend, someone you’ve just met or someone you’ve been married to for years, there is always more to learn. Plus, what better way to shake up your routine than with a night spent doing something different.

3. You’ll go home with something to decorate the house with

What better way to impress guests when they walk into your home than by being able to say “I painted that”, start a conversation and show off your talent with your recreated masterpiece.

4. Get a different perspective

Everyone sees art differently, even the way men paint and women paint the same thing is very different and that’s what I like to see at our We Love Art events, diversity.

5. Men are natural artists!

Men tend to be more willing to express their individuality through their art and experiment with colour, perspective, texture and style, making them naturally creative and risk takers. Some of our most expressive takes on the masterpieces we recreate at We Love Art have been by men.

Whether you’re male or female, Paint & Grape is the perfect evening for everyone to enjoy.

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