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50 Ways to Increase your Creativity

Creativity is like a muscle, you have to work it to keep it going. But just like with hitting the gym it’s not always easy to pick up a paint brush or pencil or sit down and write a story or song…so how do you keep flexing that creative muscle?

The more time you spend being creative in different ways the more you will find yourself inspired when it comes to your favourite form of art. Perhaps you love to play guitar but recently you’re struggling to even strum a few chords, why not pick up a paintbrush and try your hand at recreating a masterpiece at a Paint & Grape workshop. It doesn’t have to be amazing, it just has to be fun!

Here are 50 more ideas to boost your creativity:

1. Ask questions and take risks. What if you tried painting with a leaf, or playing guitar with the other hand…they don’t have to be gems, just experiment.

2. Start a daily project. Start with a target of a week if you’re not always good at sticking with things, and then just keep going. Some great examples are monthly photo challenges which you can find on Instagram or try writing a novel in a month.

3. Plant a garden. There is something so satisfying about watching what you’ve planted grow so get potting. You can do it on your balcony or in your back garden, just plant a seed and watch it grow.

4. Get outside into nature – balcony, garden, park, beach, garden centre, anywhere that has some nature in it! It’s even better if you can be barefoot.

5. Join a creative community like We Love Art and meet other people who love to create!

6. Check out a few YouTube videos and teach yourself to do something new.

7. Write a haiku about your favourite place in the world.

8. Dive into your recipe books and find a new recipe that you’ve never tried before, get into the kitchen and cook up a storm.

9. Find an art gallery or museum near you (there are loads in Al Quoz and Bur Dubai).

10. Paint a five minute imaginary landscape.

11. Go for a photo walk around your neighbourhood, photographing anything that catches your eye. Don’t overthink it, just snap away and go through them looking for potential paintings or DIY ideas etc later.

12. Revamp an old piece of furniture – give it a lick of paint, some new material or just a few metal accents.

13. Make a card for someone and send it with love. It can be really a simple collage with stamped lettering or a little watercolour.

14. Keep a little sketchbook and pen you really love on the coffee table for drawing, doodling in the evenings.

15. Look around your home for unusual things you could use in your art, both tools and things to collage with. Try painting with a piece of old cardboard, or the broom, collect the old buttons from shirts and use them in a collage.

16. Pull out a book, open it at random and see what wisdom it has for you.

17. Decorate stones and leave them around for people to find.

18. Go through your wardrobe and put together a completely new outfit.

19. See how many things you can think of to do with washi tape – make a purse, a star…go crazy.

20. Cut out your own stamp and use it to decorate plain paper for wrapping gifts.

21. Make easy air drying clay bowls. They make great jewellery holders or gifts.

22. Visit some local art galleries. (don’t forget to take yourself for lovely lunch too)

23. Take your favourite quote and your favourite photo and find a creative way to put them together.

24. Go to your local farmers market and treat yourself to a colourful array of fruit and vegetables. Have fun photographing/painting them before you turn them into a delicious meal.

25. Listen to a TED talk for inspiration or a new perspective.

26. Go through your art supplies and find something you can use in a different way.

27. Try drawing something with your non dominant hand.

28. Clear out an area in your home. Even if it’s just the bedside table, it feels so good and shifts energy to create space for something new.

29. Remake a previous painting in a new medium.

30. Do something that raises your heart rate. Dance wildly to your favourite song, go for a run or a swim or a hike, anything to get the blood pumping and your energy rising.

31. Create a Pinterest board for a very specific thing that interests you.

32. Rearrange your furniture.

33. Try signing up for something new, maybe a painting course with We Love Art or a yoga class.

34. Paint to music. Don’t think about it, just paint what youfeel.

35. Go to the bookstore and peruse the art, craft, cookery or gardening section; whichever you’d usually NOT go for.

36. Sit down for the length of time it takes to sip a cup of something you love, really savouring it, being present, noticing things around you, listening, sensing. Being quiet and still allows you to hear the ideas.

37. Make a deck of affirmation cards, decorate them and make them beautiful, then display them proudly.

38. Invite friends over for a paintings party – if you need a little help you can book a private Paint & Grape session!

39. Try a new food, something you’d never normally order.

40. Draw a simple pattern and colour it in.

41. Daydream. SO important to the creative process. Imagine your perfect day, or your next tattoo, or yourself in a desired situation.

42. Head over to Facebook and school through the upcoming events, pick something you would never normally go to.

43. Brainstorm with a friend.

44. Listen to podcasts from other creatives – great for when you’re busy doing something creative yourself.

45. Read some poetry and roll the words and metaphors around in your head.

46. Cover a whole page with doodles.

47. Sew something simple

48. Play in your sketchbook.

49. Make tiny origami stars.

50. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and smile at anyone you pass – spread the happiness.

So, which one will you choose today? Do you have any other great ideas for boosting your creativity?

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