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How to Throw Your Own Paint Party: It’s Unbelievably Easy

Paint parties are timeless in every sense of the term. You don’t need an occasion to throw one and they suit birthdays, anniversaries and the works. Besides, they’re so fun that you might need any excuse to host one.

In this blog post, we’re going to guide you through how to organize your very own paint party.

Inventory list

  • Prepare your Guest List which will determine the number of canvases/paper sheets you’ll need.
  • Paints & palettes (For teens, you might consider oil or acrylic paints, whereas for the younger kids watercolors might be better suited).
  • Disposable Aprons (if you’re on a budget).
  • A spacious room with easels, tables, and chairs (depending on the guests).
  • Rainbow themed cake, cupcakes, snacks.
  • Rainbow themed giveaways.
  • Pastel/Rainbow decor.
  • A load of fruit and candy.

If you’re worried about the lack of space and are tight on a budget, you can always buy mini-canvases (they’re super tiny and cute!).

We Love Art curates Paint Parties too, feel free to contact for further information.

Take inspiration from some of these amazing parties photographs


That’s how simple it is. In case you’re in UAE and would like We Love Art to host a Paint Party for you, just write into us. Comment or drop us a mail for further details.

If you’ve thrown a Paint Party then tag us in photographs or comment to let us know how art-tistic it was.

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