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5 Cost Effective Art Therapy Exercises to Try at Home

In today’s high-stress work environment, it’s essential to practice a few DIY at home art therapy exercises. It’s time you stopped worrying and turned to art to reconcile. We’ve compiled a list of art therapy exercises you could possibly inculcate as a family activity to create a more fun and free vibe at home.

  1. Draw in the Dark

You could use a little candle light. Just to shut off hindering stimuli and streamline your energies on the task at hand or the paper in front. This task is easy and doesn’t need any manual or skill. It helps you let out those factors that may be stressing you on a sub-conscious level.

  1. Make your own collage

For this, you’ll need a couple of old magazines and stickers possibly with some glue. Again, like the previous task, there’s no strict formula to doing things the right way. Making a collage is a form of channeling your creativity and challenging your own limits. It also will help you release negative effects of hidden stressors.

  1. Watercolor your mental state

For this, you must lie on the floor/bed and with a paint brush, some colors, and a sheet of paper. With each stroke of the brush breathe in and the next stroke breathe out. Use colors that you feel suit your present mental state in an abstract manner.

  1. Make a postcard you will never send

The postcard can be as creative and colorful in design. You must use it to write a rant about something that bothered you, someone who annoyed you or even to yourself. Let the words you’re holding back onto that piece of paper.

  1. Paint a forgiveness letter

A letter made purely out of color with no words. Write one to yourself or someone who has caused you pain. Rid yourself feelings of hate, shame, and guilt all through the medium of color.

If you try any of these do tag us or let us know how about your experience. Also, if you have a further suggestion do post or comment.


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