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Loving Vincent Is Why We Can’t Wait For 2017

Loving Vincent, the biopic based on Vincent van Gogh’s life and times releases in 2017 and we really can’t wait. Here’s why: to begin with its ranked as ‘the first entirely painted feature film in the world’, this momentous task involves over 100 painters, all professionally trained in van Gogh’s unique style.

Each frame in the movie is made of oil brushstrokes capturing a sense of movement such as in A Starry Night. Every still is a literal piece of art. What will be interesting is to watch the interplay of various painted characters. The movie will explore the story of the artists’ life. It will address the mysterious cause of his death, while some believe suicide for the untimely end others claim murder. The makers of the film felt that only by attempting to paint like the great Vincent an entire movie in his own style, would do justice to the icon he stands as today.

The movie is directed by Polish painter and director Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. The movie’s star-studded cast includes Saoirse Ronan, Aidan Turner, Doughlas Booth, Helen McCrony, Chris O’Dowd and Jerome Flynn.

Here’s what the creators of the film say on regarding their production:

“The art form of film is different from painting. Painting is one particular moment in time, frozen. Film is fluid, seeming to move through space and time. So first we had a Painting Design team spent one-year re-imagining Vincent’s painting into the medium of film. These paintings along with the storyboard and Computer Generated Layout Animatic formed the basis on which to plan our live action shoot.All the characters in Loving Vincent are performed by real actors either on specially constructed sets, designed to look like Vincent’s paintings, or against Green Screens with the Loving Vincent Design Paintings composited in through a live view system on the set.”

Here’s a glimpse of how Loving Vincent has been created: 

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