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Almost 1,5 year ago, April 2013, I moved with my love to Dubai. As I had never been in the Middle East before I didn’t know what to expect. In all honesty, I had some prejudgments. Coming from the Netherlands I thought that Dubai would limit me in my freedom – in the way I was allowed to express myself. I also thought that Dubai was a place without cultural, creative and alternative spots – a place without a soul.

Now, after almost 1,5 year living here, I can tell Dubai is quite the opposite of where I was afraid of. Dubai represents possibilities for me; it is a place where there is space to develop yourself and your ideas. I would even say that there is more freedom to express myself here than I would ever have in The Netherlands. Why? Because back home my expression would be a drop in the ocean as everything has been done, whereas here my ideas will be heard. Dubai’s infant art scene coupled with the ferocious energy in this city is a perfect platform to create, somewhere definitely more exciting than saturated Western Europe at this moment in time.

And a soul? Keeping in mind that Dubai has only been developing for 10 years or so on its current course, I can’t do anything else than tip my hat off to what they are doing here. More and more I see cultural, creative and alternative places popping up, from galleries and funky, industrial cafes to flee markets in the weekend.

So I am proud. Proud to be a resident in Dubai.

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